Personality corner features the award winning photographer “Kafui Praise” impacting lives through her breath taking photos/media consult..Be blessed and inspired as you read about her.


Matilda Dogbatsey (Kafui Praise)

I’m 28yrs of age, an award winning, Ghana based Wedding, Documentary, New Born/Maternity, Event and Portrait Photographer.

CEO of KP Media Consult, under which we have;

KP Photography (photography & videography services).
KP Frames (wooden canvas of our documentary images are on sale for those who love to have our art works in their offices and homes).
KP School of Photography (organises private and public photography workshops for those interested in learning photography).

Kafui Showcasing some of her arts gallery

My venturing into Photography was born out of my passion and the pleasure of taking pictures of myself as a hobby. I envisioned becoming a model eventually since I was always the subject in front of the lens. Walking into any photography studio was an almost everyday thing as well as taking many photographs of myself just for the fun of it. My love for the pictures drew me closer to the camera; intrigued by the art and science associated, I ventured into it. That’s how Kafui Praise photography started.

It is tough and challenging especially being a woman in an industry that’s heavily dominated by men, more so being young. Yet I never see myself in competition with anyone but I strive to be better than I was a day before.
I owe the success of this brand to God and my Spiritual Father, Rev. Tom Bright-Davies.

Image from KP photos

I didn’t attend any special school to become a Photographer. I had to decide against all odds to pursue my dreams. There was absolutely no formal education nor established foundation in my pursuit of Photography. It wasn’t easy but in all God proved Himself faithful and came through for me every time I felt lost or down.

Image from KP phptos

I never waited to get everything perfect, know it all or have everything together before pursuing my passion. I made use of the little I knew. Although sometimes I was scared and unsure, I still stepped out in faith for the love of it. I made priceless images during those moments which are still paying my bills today. I totally relied on God in everything I stepped out to do.

Image from KP photos

I have a mentor and a Spiritual father, who I talk to when I need counsel to make major decisions and steps.

always look out for perfection in my work and to capture things in time as they are whiles constantly learning new things and open for correction and guidance.

Image from KP photos

I gave and poured my all into my passion and found many ways to sustain and keep it going
whiles remaining humble.

Sample of KP photos mashed up

My advice to the youth is; “follow your heart”. It doesn’t matter what your background or family looks like, there is something in you that is worth celebrating. Find it and develop it. Develop good habits and pursue after excellence in all you do.

Photo from the KP photo gallery

My relationship with God is all that I had, I have and will ever have. That’s what sustains my life, my career and my future. Without God, life would have been a completely different story for me, and I know I wouldn’t have been here. No one would have heard my name or even know I existed.

Image from KP photos

There are too many distractions in this generation that’s drawing young people away from God. Being away from God means being away from discovering your truest potential and eternal purpose. Life goes beyond existing in time. The value of our lives will be determined by how many people we impacted positively and how well we run our race. Stop trying to be like others, or walk their path or run their race. Find your purpose, find your race, find your path, and you will know true and real fulfilment. Finally, don’t be in a haste to make it quick. If it happens for you, Praise God. If it doesn’t, keep pushing diligently without cutting corners. Remain focused and let your dreams and visions outlive you. God bless you.

Thank you.”

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