Our feature on How I Became Born Again (HIBBA) is an amazing musician (Israel Peters) with the gifts of healing and prophecy.You will blessed about his amazing walk with God so far..

My name is Oppong peter popularly known by a stage name Israel Peters,am a musician,preacher and a business man.
I church at life word Baptist church inside Kumasi,Ghana and am a music pastor.

I have been blessed with a prophetic and a healing gift aside my music career.
I would want to take this opportunity to share with you how I became born again Christian to encourage someone on how important it is to have Jesus in your life,relationship and work. I was born into a Baptist church, meaning my parents raised me in Baptist. I had the opportunity to teach and sing as well at my previous church, Holy family Baptist church.

I was doing all these things because that was how I was really raised to do,I thought, until one Sunday afternoon I was back from church and wanted to take a little rest that’s where I saw a very great light on me..I was really scared because the kind of light I saw I have never ever in my life see before, there I heard a voice telling me I need to give myself fully and I was like aww who are you and I don’t understand what you are telling me. The voice said iam Jesus!! I said but lord I know you and I’ve been to church all my life so what should I do to give myself fully,he said, you need to accept me as your personal savior, there I understood the Issue of Cornelius at Acts 10 where the Angel of the lord appeared to him to receive Jesus
Infact I was really sad because I thought I was doing the right thing oh my God. This encounter I had with Jesus changed my whole life including my journey walk with him to even now,Glory be to God. The light I saw is even pictured in my eye as even iam sharing this..Glory.

I didn’t hesitate to tell my senior pastor, he prayed a sinners prayer with me,thought me how to fellowship after I’ve received Christ. So this is how I became born again, His love found me when I was thinking I was doing the right thing.
I will use this platform to tell everybody who goes to church that its not only about your church or so called mother church, but it is about receiving Jesus inside your heart giving yourself fully. Glory be to God, because of this wonderful encounter my ministry has changed totally, I am blessed with prophetic and healing where ever I stand to minister

Iam blessed with one music album entitled’I NEED YOU. This song was released five years ago and launched it 5th January 2014@kronum Church of God.

I’ve done several concerts,by myself, Impact Concert, The Encounter, October worship and many more..I’ve had opportunity to minister and share a stage with many great men of God,Prophet Samuel Larbi Gyima,Apostle Amoah, Apostle Alfred Agyeman, Oware Junior, minister Francis Amo,Bro sark and many.

Thank you for reading this.

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Contact for: Facebook: Israel Peters,Instagram:Israel Peters,WhatsApp Israel Peters,0558113951,054106605