HOW I BECAME BORN AGAIN (HIBBA)- Pastor Enoch Kobena Annan

Pastor Enoch Kobena Annan is the senior pastor at the Race course branch of the Redemption Life Family Church Founded by Bishop Samuel Yeboah Boafo in the UK. He is married to Rev. Mrs. Abigail Y. Annan and they are blessed with 2 boys Jesaiah and Kylian.

He got born again in August 2009 when he sought enrollment at the Maranatha University College where he studied theology.
It so happened that at the interview session before gaining admission, the panel asked me if I was born again. When I said yes they asked me how and when. Then I ignorantly told them my dad is pastor and my mom a strong Christian. I have been going to church since I was a child, and that I was even a leader in my local church.
I was then surprised to hear for the first time that just as being born in a garage doesn’t make one a car, Being born to a Christian family and going to church doesn’t make one a Christian. You will have to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior at some point in your life to begin a walk with Him.
When I understood what they meant, they immediately led me to pray to accept Jesus into my heart and I’ve never looked back since then.
I’m sure many people have similar stories as mine. Truth is until you accept the Son into your heart you don’t have eternal life 1 John 5:12.
To the glory of Jesus, Pastor Enoch Annan has a very strong music ministry which started in the year 2000. He has an album together with his twin brother Ebenezer Annan in 2012.

As a well sort after worshiper, he has ministered in many places over the past 18 years with many signs and manifestations of the real presence of God.
Watch out for his new releases soon.